Cleaning Oreneta Park 

8th Grade Global Scholars Students

Last Tuesday 11th of June, 2n ESO Global Scholars students visited l’Oreneta Park (“Swallow Park”) to perform a cleaning day, using an app called Litterati to create a map of trash.

The students organised themselves in groups to search for trash in the park. Every time they found some trash, they took a photo, tagged it and uploaded it to the litterati app. Then they collected it in trash bags to be thrown into containers.

The most common things they found were cigarette tips, aluminium foil, juice cartons, balloons (from birthday parties), organic waste and empty alcohol bottles.

They started a petition to whom it may concern, to ask authorities to regulate with laws how we dispose of trash into different containers.

“Parcs i jardins de Barcelona” is entitled to clean Barcelona parks on a regular basis.

Patricio Perejoan

Eric Cervelló

Gina Villanueva

Nina Canut