Fight Catalonian Drought

Marcel Àvila and Asier Roset

Global Scholars students

May, 15, 2024

The students of IE Costa i Llobera High School made some posters and proposed some solutions that we can perform to mitigate the drought in Catalonia.

BARCELONA: These last days we’ve been working on the Global Scholars project to protect biodiversity. We have chosen the Catalan drought problem in order to be studied and we have come up with ideas to contribute to its solution. 

Sau reservoir in Cerdanya Catalonia – CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

The students of Global Scholars elective subject made an online form and after some days we got results. The results showed that the issues that concerned more the parents and students were: The drought, the overpopulation of wild boars and pollution. After having finished our research, the drought issue at that moment was in critical situation and the reserves were low, and therefore, we looked for some possible solutions to contribute to its mitigation. Our final suggestions are: Using an air mixer water filtration system, using showers instead of baths, using the eco program on washing machines.

Water does not fall from the sky

Pere Aragones-Former Prime Minister of Catalonia

Marcel Àvila and Asier Roset